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Covid-19 Vaccines, Know Your Position

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The information sourced primarily for the basis of this article is from MBIE.
OHS Consultants Limited Incorporating Take 5 assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this article. Organisations are encouraged to seek their advice from their own legal representative.
Covid 19 Vaccines
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There have been a number of conversations regarding a company’s position with ensuring employees have had the vaccine. This Safety Talk outlines some of the issues and questions you may have about work and the Covid-19 vaccine.

*This information was correct as at 20/05/2021 and was sourced from Ministry of

Business New Zealand website.

Please note ‘the duty of good faith’ in employment relationships and

consultation requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act also apply to

conversations about workplace vaccination issues.

Supporting the Vaccine

It is encouraged that the company supports their workers to access the

vaccination without workers facing costs or disadvantage. For example:

• Allow workers to access the vaccination during work hours (when available)

for themselves and their dependents, without using annual leave or losing pay.

• Provide workers with relevant and timely information from the Ministry

of Health or District Health Boards and the importance and benefits of vaccination.

• Facilitating on-site vaccination if asked to do so by Ministry of Health or District Health n n Board.

• Assist with practical barriers of accessing the vaccine (eg. transport) and any health or support concerns.

Continuation of Other Public Health Measures

The vaccine does not replace other infection prevention and control measures, such

as eliminating the risk, or minimising the risk with use of relevant PPE, cleaning and

contact tracing methods/ Covid-19 QR codes.