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Xmas Work Functions

Xmas Work Functions
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For many businesses, 2022 will be the first time in that COVID-19 hasn’t been a significant factor. However, it has been a challenging year for many businesses and employers. You may wonder if it’s even worth hosting an office Christmas party. The answer is yes. Use this opportunity to reflect on the year that has been and encourage your team to end the year on a high note. If planned efficiently and safely, it can be an excellent team-bonding tool.

Team Culture

We spend the majority of our week at work, if we have toxic relationships or work culture, workers are often less productive and engaged at work. Use the end-of-year party to build and improve your team culture.

Christmas parties provide your employees with a chance to collaborate and connect on a personal level. If you have different departments, encourage inter-departmental relationships or collaboration.

Making the time and effort to celebrate your team and their hard work goes a long way toward making them feel appreciated. They feel included and respected.

Be Safe

While Christmas parties lead to employee engagement, you should remember that you have a duty of care toward your employees.

We often see an increase in accidents due to Christmas Work Functions.

When it comes to Christmas parties, even if an event is held outside of working hours and the workplace, you can still be liable.

You should communicate all expected standards of behaviour to employees including responsible consumption of alcohol. It is ideal that you ensure your workers and guests have a safe way home, especially if alcohol has been consumed. Provide a bus, taxi or car-pooling with a sober driver.

Sexual Harassment incidents also increase at workplace Christmas functions. These incidents are considered work-related incidents and need to be managed correctly. Limiting consumption of alcohol is often a good way to reduce these incidents, as they tend to occur when people are intoxicated. We recommend engaging a Human Resources Manager if you have any complaints.

Have Fun

Even though safety needs to be a top priority, it does not mean your team cannot have fun. Enjoy and celebrate the end of the year and all the businesses' achievements from the year with each other.

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