All our Health and Safety Documentation Complies with the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Since 2010, OHS Consultants have helped New Zealand businesses with Health and Safety solutions, systems and understanding of Health and Safety legislation.


Our Mission

We aim to remove the unknown of health and safety and to make health and safety accessible for everyone in New Zealand. We help to implement health and safety at your pace, we will provide you with as much or as little support as you like.

We have Consultants available throughout New Zealand. We consider your business and the way you operate to ensure you have a consultant available to you that is ideal for your industry and requirements.

We have the best people who are known for their integrity and success. OHS Consultants can be trusted to bring you the right solution at the right time.

What We have Achieved

  • Assisted a one man lawnmower business obtain Government contracts.

  • Saved a young man from a life threatening disease, that he was not aware of, by implementing health monitoring into the business he was working in.

  • Managed an 7 week, 24 hour Asbestos removal project.

  • Helped a company achieve a 90% SiteWise rating, that initially had a 55% SiteWise rating.