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Asbestos Removal Management

Asbestos Sheeting requiring asbestos removal management

All of your asbestos removal regulation requirements and management can be met with our expert advice & systems.

We have worked with removalists, building owners, landlords, property managers and tradesmen who encounter asbestos.

We can provide an Asbestos Management Plan for identified asbestos in buildings. For those who are looking to become Asbestos Removalists an ISO 45001 Asbestos Occupational Health and Safety system with a supporting Asbestos Removal Control Plan is required.


We can help you through the process of achieving external certification for Class A and B asbestos removalists with WorkSafe NZ and meeting auditing requirements.

Asbestos can be a difficult and confusing area with so many regulations. Get in touch to make sure you are protected. We have had clients receive great results from Telarc with our systems.

Our Asbestos H&S Management System can also be integrated with SiteDocs.


Needing help with reviewing an Asbestos Removal Control Plan (ARCP)?

Our team can also assist with reviewing ARCP's before your Asbestos Removalists begins work on the project. Ensure the safety plan addresses all aspects of the job and all those involved are protected.

“OHS Consultants completed SSSP and ARCP reviews for Commercial Property Solutions Ltd TA Colliers during refurbishment of client’s residential and commercial properties. This gave our team reassurance that the contractors that we were employing were conducting the job in a safe manner. OHS Consultants provided advice on the project and gave advice of best practice on projects that had tenants remaining at the property for the project duration.”

- Commercial Property Solutions Ltd t/A Colliers International


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