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Health and Safety Management Systems

Paperbased health & safety management systems - if your system looks like this it's time to digitise

System Options

OHS Consultants can assist by providing your company with a Health and Safety Management System that is right for your company and industry.

We have a variety of Health and Safety Management Systems that align with ISO 45001.

All systems are written to align with ISO45001 Standards and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. We have different levels of systems to offer depending on your company expectations and external requirements. 

Comprehensive - Our Compliance System - Full ISO45001 System, which can be used with ISO45001 Certification. Suitable for large companies in all industries, including the Asbestos industry.

Up to 66 appendices for your consultant to allocate depending on your requirements.

Includes a SSSP Template or ARCP template if required.

Advanced Safety System - This is a simplified version suitable for many small-medium industries. It is also suitable for companies in all industries who need to complete external pre-qualifications. Depending on your requirements, your consultant can allocate up to 66 appendices.

Includes a SSSP Template if required.

Essentials Safety System - Suitable for small businesses that have a small team or possibly just starting up work. Includes H&S System and up to 30 appendices, induction to system, free fortnightly Safety Talks.

All of these systems can be integrated into SiteDocs for a digital reporting platform and additional ongoing support can be provided as per your requirements.

The Process

Step 1 - Identifying your needs

We undertake an initial discussion with you to understand your business and the hazards and risks associated with it. The more information you provide us within the initial enquiry the easier it is for us to identify the best system for your needs.

We then discuss the best options to suit your requirements. Examples are available.


Step 2 - Proposal and Quote

We will provide you with a proposal and quote based on our initial discussion with you. A Risk Assessment of your business may be recommended prior to creation of the system to identify any hazards and risks within the business we will let you know if this is needed in the proposal.

Step 3 - Creating your System

Our systems take a bit of time to put together. After 5-10 business days we will set up our first zoom call / onsite meeting to discuss the first draft of your system. We will clarify any details needed and discuss key appendices that require your approval. 

Step 4- Final Draft

We will provide you with a final draft of the system to review and sign off. Once this has been approved we will provide you with a hard copy folder and electronic copies of the documentation. Our consultant will take your management team through an induction of the system. The system can also be integrated with SiteDocs, if you would like a digital reporting platform.


Step 5- Support and Implementation

Our systems can be implemented at your own pace and we will provide you with as much, or as little support as you would like. We recommend an annual review and 2 year renewal to ensure system remains up-to-date and continues to meet legislation and standard requirements. We can also offer an internal audit at the 10 month implementation mark to provide you with feedback and recommendations of further improvement.

Already have a system in place? We can review the system and make improvements so it can meet ISO45001. Why change what is working if it can be adjusted.

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