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OHS Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) Template

OHS Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) Template

Do not rely on other contractors to produce your health and safety guidelines. Ensure your health and safety system works for your work and is protecting you from prosecution.


This Site Specific Safety Plans templates has been created for Sub-Contractors working within the construction / civil industry.

Templates is in a Word document that can be downloaded. Follow the instructions included to set it up for your company.



  • Site Specific Safety Plan Agreement
  • Site Specific Safety Plan Evaluation (for sub-contractors you hire)
  • Place to insert your H&S Policy
  • Sign In / Out Register
  • Site Induction and Register
  • Contractor Induction
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Emergency Procedures (for various senarios)
  • Notifiable Events
  • Incident and Injury Report from and Investigation form
  • Site Incident and Injury Register
  • Pre-Start Site Inspection
  • Hazard or Nonconformance Report
  • Risk Matrix and Hierarchy of Control
  • Hazard Risk Register template (empty for your input)
  • Hazardous Substance Register template (empty for your input)
  • Training and Competency Register template
  • Toolbox Talk
  • Job Safety Analysis template
  • Hot Works Permit
  • Working at Heights Permit
  • Permit to Dig / Excavate
  • Lockout & De-energise Permit to work


​What about those jobs that are too short or you haven’t been asked for a SSSP? We can tailor practical and simple solutions appropriate to the size and duration of the job.



*Please note this template is set up for generalised construction project use and the content is controlled by the user. OHS Consultants supply only the template and take no responsibility for internal use. OHS Consultants recommend that users received H&S / SSSP training and inductions into the document. Download as a Microsoft word document with easy to complete form entries, with restricted editing. Documents are created as general documents and may not suit all individual business activities.

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