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Safety Meeting/Toolbox Talk Pad

Safety Meeting/Toolbox Talk Pad

The Safety Meeting / Toolbox pad lets you fill in the details and walks you through a health and safety meeting. 


On the front page the generic form structures a successful toolbox talk so that  necessary topics are covered. On the reverse page everyone attending the meeting signs off showing who was in attendance on the day.


Safety Meetings/ Toolbox Talks need to be held on a regular basis (at least monthly). They are an opportunity for staff to discuss safety concerns that they may have and a chance to educate fellow workers about safety procedures or equipment. They should be brief and to the point to ensure the message gets through.


You need to be keeping minutes and records of your safety meetings in case you ever get audited to prove this is an area you are regularly focusing on.


If you would like suggestions for toolbox talk topics, sign up to our fortnightly Safety Talk Newsletter.


    A4 pad, 50 templates


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