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SWP Horse Stables and Race Track

SWP Horse Stables and Race Track

Our Safe Work Procedure for Horse Stables and Race Tracks provides a thorough document for the use and training.




  • Induction
  • PPE
  • Safe Work Procedure - PPE
  • Training and Competency of Employees
  • Housekeeping
  • Safe Work Procedures - Handling and Transporting Horses
  • Safe Work Procedures - Horse Floats and Trucks
  • Safe Work Procedures - Loading and Unloading Horses
  • Track and Stables Safety
  • Track Induction
  • Safe Work Procedure - Track and Stables
  • Training Venue Facilities and Amenities
  • Safe Work Procedure - Track First Aid and Emergency Evacuation
  • Safe Work Procedure - Racecourse Stabling and Stripping. Tie Up Stalls
  • Safe Work Procedure - Access Walkways from Stalls to Tracks
  • Safe Work Procedure - Track Work Riding - Management and Supervision
  • Safe Work Procedure - Vehicle and Pedestrian Crossing and Internal Roadways
  • Safe Work Procedure - Training Tracks
  • Safe Work Procedures - Crossings
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix A - Stable Inspection Checklist
  • Appendix B - Staff Stables Induction
  • Safety In Horse Stables and Racing Tracks Training Exercise
  • Training Exercise Answers
  • Trainer Use document


Available to download as a Microsoft word document with easy to complete form entries, with restricted editing. Documents are created as general documents and may not suit all individual business activities.

    GST Included
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