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Covid or Cold?

Covid Update
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Increase of Covid-19 Cases

With the increase of cases appearing within our community again, and with us going to the winter cold/ flu season we need to ensure that if we become unwell, we complete a RAT test to ensure that we do not have covid.

If you are unwell, test positive for covid or are a household contact, it is important to follow the Ministry of Health advice to ensure we do not potentially spread the virus onto others.

If you do become unwell with cold / flu / covid like symptoms, please:

  • Do a Covid RAT test.

  • Let your supervisor or manager know you have cold / flu like symptoms, even if your test is negative.

  • Stay at Home

  • Wear a mask and keep your distance around others.

  • Wash and sanitise your hands frequently.

Can you get Covid-19 Again?

Yes, you can get Covid-19 more than once.

There are different variants of the virus in our community, and you can get every one of them, even if you have had Covid-19 before. You can also get the virus if you have been vaccinated.

The vaccines and natural immunities could be starting to wear off, and with the new variants emerging, it is potentially making if easier for people to be infected. The figure of 3-months immunity is largely generalised. Evidence of reinfection and infection of another variant is known during this time frame.

The best approach is to avoid exposure, regardless of your vaccination or pre-infection status.

Flu Vaccinations

There may be higher rates of influenza in New Zealand this winter with our borders reopening.

Influenza can cause serious illness and it is important that in the lead up to winter, people get their flu vaccination. Getting immunised against influenza protects our vulnerable communities, especially young children, older adults and people with chronic health problems, but anyone can become seriously ill from the flu virus.

If you haven’t had your Covid-19 vaccination or booster, you can get it at the same time as your flu immunisation. There is no need to leave a gap between these vaccinations.

Who is eligible for funded influenza vaccinations this year?

Free influenza vaccinations are available for those who meet these eligibility criteria:

  • pregnant people

  • people aged 65 years and older

  • Māori and Pacific peoples aged 55 to 64 years

  • people aged 6 months to under 65 years with eligible health conditions.

  • tamariki aged 4 years or under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness (including measles) or have a history of significant respiratory illness.

Flu vaccinations are available from your general practice team and many pharmacies.

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