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Tyre Safety

Tyre Safety
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With winter fast approaching and weather becoming more hazardous for the roads, it is important to give your company vehicles a check over to ensure they are safe for use.

Tyre safety is important to ensure safety. When was the last time you checked the tyres?

Choosing and fitting tyres

No tyre is perfect for all driving conditions. To ensure the tyres on your vehicles

are meeting most of your driving requirements, it is best to talk to an expert.

They will ask you about how and where you regularly drive.

Most tyre experts recommend that the tyrres with the best grip be placed at the

rear of the vehicle. Fitting tyres with less grip to the rear of a vehicle can result

in over-steer and loss of control. Regularly rotate tyres to ensure the ones with

the most grip are at the back.

When replacing tyres it is best to do so in sets of four, or at least pairs on the

same axle, to maintain consist handling. Replacement tyres are recommended

to be the same type as those originally fitted, to maintain all-round driving


Tyre tread depth

Regularly check your tyres to make sure there is plenty of tread. The minimum legal

depth is 1.5mm, but the more tread you have, the better the grip and the safer you’ll


The image below shows how much a tyre touches a wet road at different speeds. The

faster you go, the less effective your tyres will be if tyre depth is not up to scratch.

How to measure tread depth

As it is the only part of the vehicle that grips the road, the depth of tread on your tyres is very important for the safety of your vehicle. Checking your tyre depth is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can use a tyre tread depth checker / gauge or a NZ 20 cent coin.

Most tyres have moulded tread depth indicators which are flush with the tyre

tread when it has reached the minimum depth of 1.55mm.

Prinicipal grooves are the wide grooves in the tyre tread which have the tread

depth indicators located inside them. Any other grooves are secondary grooves

which may wear out during the service life of the tyre.

The image below shows different tread patterns with tread depth indicators, and the width where you should measure marked.

If you find it difficult to find the tread depth indicators, look along the side wall for a small triangle or 'TWI' mark

If you are using a NZ 20 cent coin to measure your tyre depth the base of the

number 20 is approximately 2mm from the edge of the coin. If you can see the

whole number, it is time to think about replacing your tyres.

Tyre Pressure

Maintaining correct tyre pressure ensures balanced braking, maximum

grip and long tyre life. Legally, you need to keep your tyres at the

pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Tyres naturally lose a little air pressure over time so it is worth checking

them every month or so, for example whenever you are filling up.

Having the correct tyre pressure helps improve safety, handling, fuel

efficiency and extends the tyre life. Correct tyre pressure can help

reduce fuel consuption by up to 4%

You can find your car’s correct tyre pressure either on the inside of the

driver’s door, in the handbook or by checking the EECA’s tyre pressure

tool on the website. Don’t forget to also check the

spare tyre.

It is advised to check your tyre pressure while the tyres are cold.

Tyre Balance

The life and performance of your tyres depend largely on how you treat

them. Safe driving, regular inspections and rotating tyres around the car

for even wear, are essential for safety.

Correctly balanced wheels will ensure smooth and vibration free

running and improve tread life, as well as extending the life or your car’s

suspension and steering components.

Other vehicles

Remember in companies vehicle inspections are not only for company

cars, but also extend to trucks, excavators, forklifts, mobile elevated

platforms, trailers etc.

Remember regular checks and maintenance on vehicles not only

improves safety, but can also assist with avoiding costly repair bills.

Need Assistance?

Our team are available if you require assistance with providing Vehicle

Inspection Reports. We can either customise these for the vehicles you have

within the business or you can purchase our Take 5 Vehicle Inspection Report

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