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4 Focus Areas of a Workplace Inspection

4 focus areas of a workplace
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Work area inspections are an important task to ensure safe work conditions are continuing to be present. Over time a work area changes due to the nature of tasks carried out, and with just having people working in the area. A inspection makes us stop and take a good look around to see what needs remediation. We can then re-set the work area before continuing with the task at hand.

4 Focus Areas

Tool Condition -

Hand tools are constantly being used during work tasks. Over time they are bound to take some abuse, ensuring they are checked regularly is important to reduce any incidents and/or injuries from broken and worn tools. A proper functioning tool also makes the job a bit easier to complete.

Inspect tools for broken handles, chipping, bending or improper function in general.

Organisation of Work Area -

The set up of the work area does not change much, even if there could be a better way to organise it. Complacency often sets in, or you are just too busy to change it at the time. Take an honest look at how your work area is set up. Are there overhead hazards? Are heavy objects being lifted repeatedly? Are materials getting filthy or damaged from where they are stored? Think outside the box and evaluate how changes or a rearrangement of a work area can make it safer and a more efficient place to work.

Trip Hazards -

Trips are a common cause of workplace injuries. Objects on the floor, objects hanging from shelves, cords on the ground, and uneven ground are a few common examples of trip hazards. Trip hazards are some of the easiest hazards to completely eliminate from our work areas. Look around, are there any trip hazards that you could eliminate?

Hand Hazards -

Hand injuries are another common workplace injury. Some common types of injuries to our hands include burns, cuts, crushed by, and fractures. Hazards that cause these injuries can be found virtually anywhere in our workplaces. Pinch points, moving parts, unguarded equipment, hot surfaces, dropped objects etc. These are all hazards that should be looked at when addressing hand hazards during a workplace inspection.

These 4 focus items are just a small list of possible items to pay attention to when identifying and mitigating hazards during a inspection. Pay attention to these 4 items at your next inspection. It is often what we consider small things or small hazards that cause the majority of injuries. Avoid complacency when it comes to addressing hazards in your work area.

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