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Securing Site - Holiday Close Down Checklist

Ideally we all would like all our projects ticked off by the holiday close down, unfortunately some projects may be ongoing. It is important that we secure these sites and our offices, to avoid possible security breaches, damage to property, potential injuries and be prepared for an emergency.

Before you and the team knock off for the year, complete a thorough check of your sites and offices using the following checklist. Download the list as a user-friendly PDF with workflow checkboxes, including delegation management.

  • Ensure site is clear from rubbish and dust

  • Skip is emptied and locked

  • Wheelie bins are emptied and moved to a secure place

  • Portaloo’s are secured, emptied or removed from site

  • No materials are left outside and / or are secured in appropriate storage facilities

  • Any tools are unplugged / de-fueled and placed in a secure area that is not visible from the outside

  • All hazardous substances are put away, follow SDS instructions. Containers are correctly labelled

  • Spill protection for HASNO storage is in place and adequate for the storage quantity

  • Hazardous Substance storage is locked

  • Correct signage for hazardous substance is displayed at entrances for emergency personal

  • Trip hazards have been removed

  • All storage units are tidy and secure

  • Vehicles left on-site have had valuables removed, keys removed and are secured.

  • Any open excavations are backfilled. If unable to backfill ensure adequate fall protection is in place and / or excavation is securely covered.

  • Any working at height or scaffolding areas are removed if possible or secured from unauthorised entry.

  • Site boxes for documents are secured with a heavy duty lock. All documents have been copied or scanned and saved elsewhere

  • If strong winds or a storm are forecast will any material or equipment be at risk of moving or flying around?

  • Any keys left on-site are in a secure place and may not be easily found

  • Any cash/ cheques or charge cards and details are removed or are in a secure place

  • All equipment not required to run is unplugged, switched off / shut down and de-energised following procedures

  • Fridge has been cleaned out and door is left open if power turned off

  • Kitchen jug has been emptied, unplugged and switched off

  • Kitchen oven, mircowave etc cleaned and unplugged / switched off

  • All bins have been emptied

  • All windows, internal fire exits/ barriers gates and other possible entries closed and secure

  • Switch off energy source for water, gas and power

  • Emergency plan in place, where someone is available to attend site / workplace if required

  • Signage is fastened and contact details in case of emergency are clearly listed

  • No deliveries are expected while site is unattended. Instructions left for courier with return to work date.

  • Phones and emails placed on ‘out of office’

If you have any comments or suggestions for this list, please email them to

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