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Emergency Response

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Emergency Response
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Emergency response and emergency evacuation drills are important to practice to ensure, that in the event of an emergency, all employees know what their role is, what to do and where to go. In times of an emergency being prepared could be the difference between calm and panic or life and death depending on the circumstances.

Types of emergencies to practice for

When thinking of emergency drills, the majority of people think of a fire drill.

However there a few drills we should regularly practice for. Place these

emergency drills into your calendar if they are relevant for your location and


• First Aid

• Fire

• Earthquake

• Vehicle Accident

• Hazardous Substance Spill

• Hazardous Substance Fumes

• Gas Explosion or leak

• Shooting

• Robbery

• Flooding

• Civil Defence Event

• Volcanic Eruption

• Tornado

• Tsunami

Why perform drills?

By performing an emergency drill you can prepare and remind key

staff of the roles they are required to play in the emergency. By

providing frequent training, people are more likely to remain calm and

remember the actions they are required to perform.