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Environmental and Sustainability

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Environmental and sustainability
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Following New Zealand’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development

Goals, Central and Local Government will require all procurement processes

to demonstrate Environment and Sustainability policies and procedures. This

commitment is being followed by Iwi and businesses alike. The requirement

will mean that if you wish to work with these organisations you must produce

evidence of environmental and sustainability policies and actions.

What is an environmental policy?

An environmental policy outlines how your business aims to reduce the impact

on the environment from work carried out.

Many businesses are already practicing controls to ensure the environment is

being protected.

• The use of spill kits and correct controls while using and disposing hazardous


• Completing earthworks ensuring that there is minimal impact to plantings,

waterways nearby, the natural landscape, air and neighbors.

• Purchasing energy efficient or environmentally friendly products.

• Having a recycling program

The next step is creating formal policies that outline the business intentions and to produce evidence of the procedures and controls used to reduce their environmental impact.

What is a sustainability policy?

A sustainability policy outlines how your business thinks and implements actions to create sustainability for People, Profit and Planet (Social, Economic and Environmental).

By having a sustainability policy in place a company is showing their commitment to creating a sustainable future and creating strategies that reflect sustainable social, economic and environmental actions.

By having positive environmental and sustainability strategies a company only needs to change its thoughts, actions and document the processes of how they achieve their results.

This Conservation Week, plan and discuss ways that your company

can improve your environmental and sustainable practices.

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