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Are you fit for work?

Coming back from holidays we all need to Take 5 and revise what it takes to be fit for work while getting back into the rhythm.

1. Are you well?

If you are feeling unwell, tired or are injured, your judgement and abilities are

often affected. Let senior staff know. It is more beneficial for all parties, to have

you completing light duties for the shift, than you carrying out tasks that could

endanger others. Staff will be happier with you speaking up, than they would with

you injuring yourself, other staff or damaging equipment. No matter how big your

ego, it will be damaged more if you do not speak up.

2. Are you under the influence?

Alcohol and Drugs can stay in the system and affect your ability to work safely.

This can includes prescription medication, as well as recreational. If you are

taking medication or had a bit too much the night before and still feeling the

effects, speak up. Let senior staff know you are not at the best of your ability due

to medication or hangovers.

Medication can effect people in many ways, it is best to share your medical

history with your employer, so they can work with you and keep you working.

If it is self-inflicted, your employer may not be happy, but it will save them a lot of

paperwork, time and money if you have an incident.


Before any task is carried out Stop and Think about what you are doing. What are

the risks involved in the job? What controls need to be put into place to manage the

risks? Am I managing the risks in the best possible way? Can I reduce the risk any

further? Do I require permits? Do I need to inform a senior staff member? Have I

provided enough evidence of my actions for company records? Am I confident I can

do the job?

After a successful evaluation is complete then you act on the task.

Not completing this assessment prior to the work is risking your team mates and

your life.

4. Communicate

Before any task is carried out communicate with others involved in the job. Whether

this is other companies, management, other staff or a client, communicate your risks

and how you are managing them. Everyone involved on a site or job needs to know

what is happening and how it could effect their workspace.

5. Be Aware

How you act in the workplace could affect many other parties. By being aware of

your health and safety responsibilities and acting on risk you are helping make the

workplace safer for all. Speak up, correct actions and be part of the team.

Are You Fit for Work?

Safety begins with you.

Are you fit for work
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