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Fire Extinguisher

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Fire Extinguishers
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Fire extinguishers provide people with a first line of defense in extinguishing small fires. Research shows that 80% of all fires in commercial premises are successfully extinguished in the early stages by the public. 90% of these fires were extinguished using a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers should only be used when it is safe to do so, e.g. the fire is no large than a waste paper basket or pot on a stove. Always ensure a safe path of escape is available and call Fire and Emergency on 111

Types of Extinguishers

Not all fires are the same so there are different types of fire extinguishers.

The table below outlines the types of extinguishers and when they are

recommended. For more information on fire extinguishers talk to your

distributor or refer to NZS 4503:2005


It is highly recommended that every business have fire

extinguishers available, especially in areas where fire risks

are a high risk, such as cooking areas, welding, other hot

works, dry scrub land areas.

A location sign describing the type of extinguisher needs to

be in close proximity to the extinguisher and state the type of

extinguisher, and what materials it can be used on.

It is important that the extinguisher is not obstructed and is

easily accessible.


All fire extinguishers and fire hose reels must have regular maintenance and

testing completed.

• Tests need to be performed at least once every 12 months.

• Every 5 years, there needs to a hydraulic pressure test.

• Results must be recorded and provided to the client

• Plastic tags must be attached and/ or updated.

It is important only trained and competent service technicians complete the


What to look for when inspecting Fire Extinguishers

Need Assistance?

Our team are available if you require assistance with safety inspections and

evacuation drills.

Please contact us if you require any advice or check out our website:

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