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Hi-Viz Clothing

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hi-Viz clothing
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We often get asked about the best clothing and personal protective equipment

for using on site. To be honest we tend to eliminate or isolate the hazard to avoid

PPE use. However clothing is one area we can not often remove the work site,

especially if traffic is involved. So what clothing should you be buying?

Hazard and Risks

Like any potential health and safety issue we need to first identify the hazard

and risk to establish how and what control we use.

For example: Our hazard is working on a public road during the day with high

levels of traffic. Our risk is people working on the side of the road could be hit by

a passing vehicle and injured or killed. One of our solutions is clothing that will

make our workers visible, and reduce the risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Hi-Viz Clothing Standards

We have decided that hi-viz clothing is the best control. Now like all PPE there is

a standard to meet. Hi-Viz clothing falls under AS/NZS standards.

When NZ products meet AS/NZ Standards the product must have the AS/NZS marking

to tell consumers that the product they are buying has undergone testing and

is suitable for use. You will find the certified product mark on the clothing tag.