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Incident Investigation

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Incident Investigation - What happens wh
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Notifiable Incident & Investigation and what happens when it goes wrong?

Our mission is to help you through the unknown by providing Health and Safety

solutions for your business that will result in keeping you and your team safe and

healthy at work. However we are all human and mistakes and misjudgments

occasionally occur. So what do we do when it goes wrong?


If the incident causes injury or fatality you need to act quickly.

1. Eliminate any energy source

2. Stop, Check, Fix - secure the site to ensure responders are not in

danger. Try not to move too much to avoid tampering with evidence.

3. Apply First Aid / Call emergency services

4. Alert other workers / management onsite

5. Lockdown the site - Follow your company emergency response and

evacuation plans

6. Try to keep calm and avoid panic. This can cause further injury to the



1. Call our emergency incident team to receive direct advice

and guidance. They are available 24/7 on 0800 SOS OHS (0800 767 647)

2. Call WorkSafe to notify them of the event on 0800 030 040


Our emergency team will provide you with advice of how to secure your site and

brief your team of the next steps. Our team may advise you to seek advice from a