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Possibility of Incidents Increasing

Increase in Injuries with Covid
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With many construction and other high-risk companies reporting large numbers of people off sick or isolating with Covid, what impact might this be having on injuries?

On the one hand, fewer people working should mean fewer injuries; on the other, remaining staff will be racing around trying to cover multiple roles and possibly doing things they’ve never had to do before, increasing the chance of error/ injury.

What can your company do to try reduce injuries during this time?


If staff are working on jobs or tasks that they are not normally responsible for, ensure that they understand the hazards and the risks involved. A quick toolbox / prestart talk may be required before the work begins.

Communicating your hazards and controls with others in the same work area is also important, as they may have tasks that will effect your teams work and possibly cause incidents.


Rescheduling is not ideal and companies try to avoid it if possible, however some work may require rescheduling until more staff are available. Lack of staff to complete the job or staff that are not confident or fully trained in completing the task may increase the risk of incidents or injury occurring.

Stress and Fatigue

Workers will be feeling the pressure to work harder and help make up for others that are away. It is important to check in with workers and make sure that they are feeling supported and that their wellbeing is taken care of.

Ensure that staff are taking appropriate breaks during the day and and any over-time is shared to ensure all staff are receiving sufficient rest breaks.

A thank you from management goes a long way.

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