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Workplace Security

Workplace Security
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Security is not often thought of as a health and safety matter within a business. However if security is breached the impact to peoples safety and both mental and physical health could be impacted.

With vehicle ram raids, workplace / work vehicle break ins and software hacking increasing within New Zealand, businesses need to be reminding workers of loss prevention measures and security procedures. As a business it is important that you are being mindful of the steps you and your team can do to lessen the risk of burglary or security breaches.

Be Attentive

Many burglaries in New Zealand are planned. The thieves often investigate the premises prior to the crime being committed. They take note of activities, routines and the items available that they want, are valuable and/or are easy to steal quickly.

Workers need to be attentive of any potential suspicious phone calls, emails, activity, visitors or disturbances to the workplace.

If workers notice someone acting suspiciously, taking unauthorised photos of the premises, asking odd questions or repeatedly visiting with no real purpose this should be reported to a supervisor / management, with details of the person / vehicle noted.

Lock things up

By locking up highly desirable or valuable items such as tools/ equipment, vehicles, sheds, hazardous substances and placing items such as keys, tablets, mobile phones and money / cards in locked draws or cabinets can help deter thieves.

Keeping keys, wallets / bags, charge cards, tools and equipment out of sight or in an area that is difficult to access or not obvious during the working day can also deter theft. Not all burglaries occur after hours, often unauthorised persons will take a chance if a workplace looks busy, workers are distracted or a work area looks unoccupied for a brief moment and the opportunity is there.

Never leave keys in vehicles or vehicles unlocked. It only takes a few moments for someone to drive off with the vehicle and the goods on board.

Keep it private

When workers are using passwords or codes to enter doorways, computer systems or using charge cards remind them to keep their passwords and codes confidential and shield the panel or keyboard from others sight.

Do not leave passwords and codes written down around the workplace, especially not next to or on the item, computer, doorway or card they are associated to. This makes it that much easier for thieves to access goods or information. Keep passwords or codes in a security protected app or document. If you have instructions or procedures posted within the workplace or in manuals do not state codes / passwords or provide details of where to find them.