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Promote Health & Wellbeing at Work

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The past few days have been a struggle for everyone in New Zealand and it is okay to

not be okay. At times like this it is important for companies to have discussions with

staff of the support networks that are available in the company if they need them.

These networks could be external mental health services or internal support from people within the company. Someone putting their hand up to talk with people if they need an outlet. the company offering support at home, someone arranging a team walk or activity, an offer

to help them complete a task. The small gestures can go a long way.

Mental health affects everyone in a different way, and we need to support and offer kindness at this time.

Work is generally good for people’s health and general wellbeing. Most people see work as central to their self-worth, confidence, social participation and long-term well being for

their families.

Workplaces are recognised as an important setting for health promotion and wellbeing support. There is a clear relationship between impact of work and a healthy lifestyle.

The wheel of wellbeing may help people through this time. Wellbeing promotes people to be active, learn, give, connect, take notice of the good, take care of our planet.

“2/3 adults experience mental illness, everyone experiences grief”

The past few days have been a struggle for everyone in New Zealand and it is okay to not be okay. If you require any support from the business please let management or your supervisor know.

Alternatively please contact one of the below services that can help:

Lifeline - 0800 543 354 or text 4357

Suicide Crisis Helpline - 0508 828 865

Healthline - 0800 611 116

Samaritans - 0800 726 666

Depression Helpline - 0800 111 757 or text 4202

Skyline (Grief support)- 0800 299 100

Supporting Families in Mental Illness - 0800 732 825

Anxiety Phone Line - 0800 269 4389

We support each other here

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